Local artist asks for help after prized painting stolen

HOUSTON – Nick Chavez loves to paint and draw for the joy it brings and for the money he's been able to make selling his art.

But someone stole his prized possession from outside his back fence in southeast Houston where he uses his pieces to advertise his wares.

The stolen piece of art was a portrait of the action figure Deadpool, an image his daughter helped him paint.

"Deadpool? I love Marvel Comics. DC Comics right," says Chavez. "So Deadpool is like one of my favorite characters. So when I made that one, I was real passionate about it."

Nick Chavez and his daughter work on a painting.
Nick Chavez and his daughter work on a painting.

The missing artwork is distinct, with a drawing of the character Edward Scissorhands on the back.

When the piece went missing last Wednesday, Chavez says his passion momentarily turned into discouragement. He quickly regained his love for his calling and is even willing to forgive the person who stole his art. He just wants it back.

"I'm a father and I have kids, and if you're doing this to bring my business down, you're not just hurting me," says Chavez. "You're hurting my family."

Anyone with information about the stolen portrait is asked to call Houston police.

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