Thieves use stolen golf cart in crime spree through gated communities

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said it is looking for two men accused of breaking into a barn, stealing a golf cart and going on a crime spree in two neighborhoods.

The Sheriff’s Office said two men entered the Grand Lake Estates neighborhood on Aug. 2 around 2:30 a.m.

Surveillance video shows the two suspects driving around the neighborhood, checking vehicles to see if they were locked.

The Sheriff’s Office said it is investigating nine reports of burglaries. The suspects are accused of stealing two firearms, money and other personal items.

But, their crime spree didn’t end there, according to authorities.

“At 8 o’clock in the morning, the sheriff’s deputy showed up to our front door to ask us if we’ve had any issues,” said William White, who lives in the Crown Oaks neighborhood.

White said he checked his property and noticed his fence was damaged and his sunglasses had been taken from his truck.

“The burglars came through on the golf cart, smashed through the gate of the fence and they were able to get out,” White said.

The damage allowed his three miniature horses -- Paint, Gray and Diva -- to escape.

“We had some great neighbors. People I’ve never met before came out (of) the woodwork, driving up, and were helping look for them. They were a blessing,” White said.

Authorities believe that, when the thieves crashed into White's property, they were able to enter the Crown Oaks neighborhood, which backs up to Grand Lake Estates. Both neighborhoods are gated communities.

“But they broke the golf cart. It had a broken axle,” White said. “Honestly, I suspect it’s not very smart kids. They need to find better things to do.”

White said the golf cart was found on the road behind his house.

"It’s pretty brazen and very disrespectful on top of what they’ve already done,” said Lt. Scott Spencer, with the Sheriff’s Office.

Spencer said, no matter where anyone lives, it’s important to lock your cars and take your valuables.

The suspects are facing multiple felonies because of the burglaries, theft of firearms and criminal mischief that resulted in the livestock getting loose.

Call the Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800 if you have any information about the crimes.