Boy's cochlear implant charger stolen during vehicle break-in

HOUSTON – A 3-year-old boy spent Wednesday without the ability to hear, after a burglar shattered a window to his family's truck and took off with a backpack that contained a charger for batteries to the boy's cochlear implants.

"In there (the bag) was our son's cochlear implants charging port, along with his rechargeable batteries for his cochlear," said Amanda Simmons, the mother of 3-year-old Gavin.

Simmons said the theft occurred Tuesday evening in the parking lot of a restaurant at the 10400 block of Katy Freeway. The family was inside eating dinner during the break-in.

"When we came back, the window was busted and everything was ransacked," Simmons said.

A witness recorded video of the alleged getaway car: a gold-colored sedan. It can be seen speeding out of the parking lot following the theft.

"It feels very violating. We pinch pennies. I didn't work for three years trying to get him sorted out, because it was my priority to help him," Simmons said.

Gavin is completely deaf without his cochlear implants, according to Simmons. He awoke Wednesday without the ability to hear, because his parents were unable to charge his implants' batteries.

"He asked me to put his ears on," Simmons said, noting Gavin's speech has improved significantly with the ability to hear.

The Houston Police Department is investigating. Simmons said the alleged thief's car had paper tags in place of a license plate.

Simmons said police hope to get surveillance video from the parking lot, in hopes of identifying a suspect or suspects.