Tomball council votes to keep goats at local business

TOMBALL, Texas – Goats were an item on the agenda Monday night at the Tomball City Council meeting.

Hershey, Casper and Ramsay are resident kids at Nana's Main Street Cottage.

The owner, Dan Howes, said customers seemed to approve of the goats until someone placed a complaint with the city.

The pygmy goats were considered livestock under and ordinance, but a vote Monday changed the ordinance to allow the goats to stay at the cottage.

"People love them. They are cute little creatures," Howes said. "Their whole interest in life is food. We gotta follow the rules and I understand that."

The Tomball Community Development Department put together the new ordinance, which allows the animals to stay in the community. The ordinance no longer considers the goats to be livestock.

The City Council voted on the ordinance Monday night and all voted in favor to reclassify the goats.

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