Jose Rodriquez, accused in deadly Houston-area crime spree, faces third murder charge

HOUSTON – Jose Gilberto Rodriquez, the man accused of a dayslong deadly crime spree, appeared in court to face his third capital murder charge Monday.  

Rodriguez stood silently before the judge as he heard the charges in the case. He stands accused of going on killing three people in July.

His court appearance Monday was related to a charge in the shooting death of Allie Nicole Barrow.

Barrow was a Mattress Firm employee who authorities said Rodriquez robbed and then killed at the store along FM-1960. According to the prosecutor, Rodriquez is on video using Barrow's debit card
at a Walmart and a Chevron after her death. The prosecutor said there's evidence that Barrow's death
was brutal.

"The medical examiner found the wound to her head was actually a contact wound which usually means the gun was actually touching the skin," said Harris County prosecutor John Wakefield.

Rodriguez's defense attorney was asked about his client's mental state.

"We’re looking at his whole medical history, so I’m not in a position to answer at this time," said Anthony Osso, Rodriguez's defense attorney.  "And obviously, he was out in the street. He was picked up on the street so he wasn’t in any in-patient treatment at that time, but we are examining all of his records. It will take us a while."

Rodriguez pleaded not guilty. He is being held in jail without bond.

"Again, we ask the public, wait until we've had an opportunity to evaluate everything and the evidence is in," said Osso. "We still haven’t received discovery from the district attorney's office, which is not unusual.  We are in constant contact with them and they will provide the information we need as it comes in."

Rodriguez also faces capital murder charges in the deaths of Pamela Johnson and Edward Magana.