Glass table shatters in family's kitchen, video shows

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HOUSTON – A Museum District mother is thanking her lucky stars that no one was home when a glass table in her home shattered.

The family's security camera caught the moment it shattered, sending glass flying everywhere.

Now, the family is issuing a warning to anyone with a glass table: This could happen to you.

"I am just so thankful we were not home ... that our 6-month-old son was not near that table ... it would have been a different scenario," Erica Glaze said.

WATCH: Glass table shatters in family's kitchen

A home security camera recorded the dramatic moment a glass dining room table shattered in the family's home.

The glass can be seen shattering and soaring several feet away.

Glaze said she didn't know it exploded on its own until she got home.

At first, she thought the glass breaking was the work of a robber.

Her security company alerted her that several security sensors in the home had been activated.

Glaze said the brand of table has a history of shattering.

She is just thankful her son was not nearby when it happened.

"I'm so thankful he was not nearby, I just want this to be a warning for anyone who owns a glass table," she said.

Glaze wants people to be aware of what could happen to your glass table if it is under too much pressure or heat, if it's an older model or if it is under some sort of recall.

Click here to check to see if your glass table is under recall.

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