Trooper saves newborn baby born in parking lot


BLACKMAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A Michigan State Police trooper is being hailed as a hero after performing CPR to save a newborn baby’s life.

“I was afraid, more afraid than I’ve ever been in my life, that I was going to lose my daughter,” father Andrew Paielli said.

It all started when Jessica Paielli’s water broke on the way to Henry Ford Allegiance Health hospital in Jackson. On the way there, she saw the baby’s legs so they immediately pulled into the Jackson State Police Post, WILX reported.

“Pounded on the door. Nobody answered. Came back to her right here in the parking lot,” Andrew Paielli said.

Hanna Paielli was born right there, but the couple said they immediately knew something was wrong.

“When she came out, she was blue and purple, and not responsive,” Andrew Paielli said.

He called the police for help. State Trooper Ronnie Tucker responded to the call. He told WILX it was the first time he had ever received a call like it.

“I remember repeating in my brain, 'Please, God, just make this baby breathe somehow,'” Tucker said.

Tucker relied on his infant CPR training from the academy to save Hanna’s life.

“Made sure she had an open airway. I started rubbing her chest to get some stimulation going. When she let out her first cry, I almost fainted,” Tucker said.

Baby Hanna is now out of the hospital and at home, WILX reported. The Paiellis said they will be forever grateful to Tucker for saving their baby’s life. Tucker, however, said he was just doing his job.

“I don’t think we are heroes in any sense. I just think it’s what we signed up to do,” Tucker said.