Judge tells Houston Rodeo to file its lawsuit separate from rape victim's suit

HOUSTON – Lawyers for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo were back in court Friday regarding a lawsuit filed by a rape victim.

Brie Ana Williams has sued the Rodeo after the 2012 rape that happened during an event associated with the Los Vaqueros Trail Riders, saying she wants organizers to take responsibility for the crime. 

Rodeo organizers have said the event was separate from the Rodeo.

Recently, the Rodeo filed a lawsuit asking a judge to decide what documents can be turned over as evidence during the discovery process of Williams’ lawsuit. Her attorneys have called the lawsuit “vile.”

On Friday, a judge decided that the Rodeo must separately sue Wayne Dolcefino, an investigative consultant working on behalf of Williams.

Dolcefino asked the Rodeo to provide records about its finances, sexual harassment allegations and details of its security payments.

Dolcefino said he plans to pursue more open records requests against the Rodeo.

The trial for Williams' lawsuit is scheduled for Sept. 3.

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