Harvey victim says thieves stole tools while he was rebuilding home

HOUSTON – Aaron Jackson is a man who lost everything during Harvey, but he didn't expect to lose the tools he need to rebuild.

On Friday, he called on the community to take action.

"As like most people in this community, we were devastated after Hurricane Harvey. As you drive through, you see most people have given up, but a few people have decided to stay," Jackson said.

Jackson and his wife decided to build their own home from the ground up.

"This is all me. The windows, the framing, the doors. Everything you see here is me," he said while showing the repairs he has made.

Last Friday while he was working, he said thieves robbed him of his precious tools.

"I was working in the garage and I just set the equipment down in the front lawn and as soon as I turned my back, they pulled up, grabbed my equipment, jumped in the car and as soon as they did that I chased after them saying, 'Hey, I got you guys on camera," Jackson said.

Unfortunately, he said the thieves didn't stop.

"There's no endless supply of money, there's no FEMA, no financing," Jackson said.

His cameras got pictures of a white SUV driving away with his tools.

"We've already been victimized and to have someone coming into the neighborhood stealing from you makes you feel victimized again," he said.

Jackson said he and his wife will pull through, but he hopes the thieves are brought to justice.

"We need to come together as a city as a whole to fight this type of thing," he said.

Jackson said his neighbors were also burglarized and asked anyone with information about the crimes to call Crime Stoppers. Information may be reported by calling 713-222-TIPS (8477) or submitted online at www.crime-stoppers.org.