Truck, lawn equipment worth more than $6K stolen in SW Houston

HOUSTON – After nearly 50 years in his home in southwest Houston, Manny Cuellar has become a victim of theft.

He shared surveillance video with Channel 2 that shows his work truck and valuable lawn equipment being driven away early Tuesday morning.

Cuellar is asking investigators to focus on a dark-colored, four-door sedan.

The video shows the car drive into the neighborhood at 4:08 a.m. Minutes later -- at 4:16 -- the car can be seen again, stopping at the corner. The driver turns on the turn signal and pulls out of the neighborhood.

Just seconds later comes Cuellar's truck and trailer with nearly $6,500 worth of lawn equipment under a blue tarp -- leaving as well.

"It's my bread and butter. It's what I (use to) pay bills," Cuellar said. "It's what I (use to) help my mother with her bills, her medical stuff."

Cuellar has run his lawn service business for the past four years after an armed robbery forced him to retire. He knows the stolen equipment has monetary value -- but to him it's all priceless. As a God-fearing man, he says he can forgive the thieves who stole his source of income -- but he does want them to face justice.

"I just pray that these people get found," he said. "I am going to press charges to the fullest of the law."

Anyone who recognizes the car in the surveillance video or knows anything about the theft is asked to contact Houston police.

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