Here are the winning numbers for the $522 million Mega Millions drawing

HOUSTONHere are the winning lottery numbers:

1 -- 2 -- 4 -- 19 -- 29

Megaball: 20

Megaplier: 3

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Many people in Greater Houston have their eyes on the more than $500 million prize for the Mega Millions lottery. The winning numbers will be drawn Tuesday night, and plenty of people in Greater Houston want to play.

With any lottery, it seems Lucky Rudy's Stop & Shop in Rosenburg is a popular destination for people who hope for a winning ticket.

"This is the place where people go," said Ricky Perez, a Rosenburg resident.

The little shop, located at 1018 Damon Street in Rosenburg, has been known for years to sell winning tickets.

The shop is dedicated to selling lottery tickets, and it has  a big following. Many customers said they go just for the supposed luck. It is the top seller of lottery tickets in KPRC's viewing area, selling more than $287,594 in all lottery ticket sales -- more than doubling the next best seller.

"I came from Houston to buy here because of how many winners they get," said customer Terri Watson.

But is the place that sells the most tickets the place with the best chances of winning? Officials lottery data shows, at least this year, it is not.

In KPRC's viewing area, which includes 10 counties, a little gas station -- Handi Plus 5 in Tomball, also known as 76 -- is the highest seller of winning lottery tickets with prizes of $600 or more.

The unassuming store does not compare to the sales total from Lucky Rudy's. It's lottery ticket sales were a mere $952,569, yet it beat Lucky Rudy's for winning tickets by eight tickets. Lucky Rudy's has sold 37 winning tickets between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2018, while Handi Plus 5 sold 45. Mr. Express 3, located at 12705 Broadway in Pearland, comes in third, with 36 winning tickets sold.

"It's hard to believe that one place had that many winners, and especially at this store. I thought it would be kind of fancy, but it's the same old store. That would be good luck in itself," said a customer who traveled from Missouri City in hopes to get a winning ticket.

Our team dug up the numbers for the place that sold the most winning tickets in the actual city of Houston. The unassuming Browny Market, located at 8449 Almeda Genoa Road, was tied for selling 14 winning lottery tickets, the largest number in Houston.

"I'm kind of surprised," said customer Raymond Holmes, who has bought a lottery ticket there every day for the last 40 years.

Browny Market is tied with Handi Stop 21, located at 14711 Farm to Market Road 529, with sales of 14 winning tickets. A close third in Houston is the Shop & Go at 10730 Grant Road, with 13. The three were listed as 7,8 and 9 overall in KPRC's viewing area.

Imanola Pena, whose mother plays every time she gets a paycheck, hopes today is the day.

"We will try our luck!" Pena said.

If you're interested in how your local store did in sales of winning ticket, please visit this map:

Sales overall: