News 2 Know: Tuesday, July 24, 2018

HOUSTON – Here are some Tuesday headlines to keep you in the know. Here are the headlines you need to watch:

Where the most MegaMillions winning lottery tickets are sold in Houston area

With the jackpot swelling and an upcoming drawing, KPRC2 looked at the lottery retailers that sell the most lottery tickets and also sell the most winning tickets across the Houston area.

More than 100 animals found living in unsuitable conditions at SW Houston apartment

Officials with the Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force and Houston Humane Society said 13 ferrets, 16 sugar gliders, 22 chinchillas, two prairie dogs, 11 guinea pigs, six African grey parrots, 32 cockatiels and three dogs were seized from an apartment in the 10200 block of Sugar Branch Drive.

Houston among first cities to get 5G wireless

Verizon will launch the fifth generation wireless internet service in Houston for the second half of this year.


Day 5: Still no lead as police search for bicyclist accused of killing Houston Methodist doctor

A squad of homicide investigators has been working the case since day one, but police still can’t say who would want to kill Dr. Mark Hausknecht or the motive.

In this photo provided by a non-law enforcement source, the suspect who police say gunned down a Houston doctor in the Texas Medical Center is seen riding on Southgate.

What is typhus?

Gordon Greenleaf said his illness came on gradually from a flea bite he never noticed.

A view of a flea under a microscope.