Nearly 40 Baytown homes without water for 5 days

BAYTOWN, Texas – A neighborhood in Baytown is relieved to have running water Sunday after going without for five days. 

Jan Roper lives in the Carriage Trail neighborhood and told KPRC that the experience has been tough.

"It's frustrating and very inconvenient," Roper said. 

Small tasks have been difficult for many of her neighbors. 

"Just small things like taking a bath, doing the dishes and brushing your teeth (are hard)," said neighbor Billy Piper said. 

Roper said that when she contacted the water company, Aqua Texas, on Wednesday, she was told that the well needed to be replaced and a tanker truck with water would arrive soon. 

"Every day, they told us it would be back in operation, but Saturday I got the same message, boil notice in effect and we didn't have water," she said.

Aqua Texas delivered cases of bottled water to residents. The water was restored to residents while Channel 2 was conducting interviews on Sunday evening. 

"It's a big relief, I can shower," Roper said.

Aqua Texas told Channel 2 in a statement that the well that services the community needs to be repaired due to a pump failure. To keep the water flowing, a temporary storage unit was delivered and tanker trucks will continue to deliver water until the water well is repaired. 

Here is the full statement below:

"The well that serves this community needs to be repaired due to a pump failure. Aqua Texas is working on multiple fronts to take care of the situation. In the immediate term, Aqua Texas is supplying bottled water to customers.

"To continue supplying water, Aqua Texas delivered a temporary storage tank to the site and is continuing to deliver water to fill the tank. In addition, a tanker truck with water is scheduled to be in Spring by 2 p.m. tomorrow, which will be used for supplying water to this site from tomorrow afternoon until the well repair is complete.

"Aqua Texas is also planning to drill an emergency well. We apologize for any inconvenience to our 37 customers while the repair is made."

A boil order is still in effect. Residents said they are just grateful they can turn on the water taps.

"I'm glad they finally did what they were going to do," said resident Brian Grainger. 

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