Masked men rob Shipley Do-Nuts store at gunpoint

HOUSTON – Surveillance video showed a group of people terrorizing donut shop employees at gunpoint while robbing the establishment.

WATCH: Surveillance video of Shipley Do-Nut robbery

"When they're pointing a gun at you, your thoughts are, 'They're going to kill me. They're going to kill me,'" Jose Gomez said.

Gomez was one of four employees who went through the frightening ordeal that played out early Monday morning at the Shipley Do-Nuts near Airline Drive and Tidwell Road.

Gomez said that moments after some customers left, the robbers stormed in, wearing masks and gloves. Each of them was armed with guns, he said.

"He had me here on the ground, with the gun. All of them had guns," Gomez said.

Forced to get on the ground and give up the cash, Gomez said that at one point, the robbers dragged him to the store's safe and even hit one of the other workers in the head with a gun before forcing him the open the register.

As quickly as they had come, the group of violent suspects left. The workers are still shaken, days later.

"I mean, you're scared. When I tried to lay down to sleep and I'm thinking about it, is something that you can't get out of your head," Gomez said.

Now, Gomez is praying someone will recognize the robbers' SUV and help police to catch them before their next hold-up.

"Hopefully, they get them before they kill someone because it's real ugly," Gomez said.

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