Machete-wielding man on north Houston roof prompts SWAT standoff


HOUSTON – A family called police Tuesday after discovering a man with a machete on the roof of their northwest Houston home, police said.

The family told police they woke up to strange noises and thought it might be an animal in the attic or on the roof of their home in the 6400 block of Deirdre Anne Drive. When the homeowner and his son got a ladder and climbed to the roof, they found the man sitting there with the machete, police said. They told police they backed away and called 911. 

Officers called in the SWAT team when the man refused to come down.

Police said they used a Taser to arrest him.

The man faces aggravated assault charges in a separate incident in which the man threatened a family member with a knife during an altercation, police said. 

Police said they don't know why he climbed onto the roof.