Son charged after 79-year-old mother found stabbed to death in Humble home

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – On Tuesday, a man was charged after his mother was found stabbed to death Monday inside a home near Humble.

Investigators said Garry Jenkins, 56, has been charged with murder.

Authorities said 79-year-old Vertie Hamilton was found dead in a house in the 7700 block of Audubon Forest Drive around 4:30 p.m.

Surveillance video taken from across the street from the home was released Tuesday. It shows a black car pull up and a man, who a neighbor said is Jenkins, get out of the passenger side. 

Jose Dixon, who lives next door to the victim, said he saw his neighbor let Jenkins into her home. Dixon said Jenkins is Hamilton's son.

According to the video, Jenkins was inside the home for 11 minutes.

"I can't say why he came here with the specific intention to kill, but I know he was here Sunday," Dixon said. "He's the only one that was here, so he had to be the one to do that."

Dixon said he didn't see Hamilton or Jenkins again after she let him in.

According to Dixon, Jenkins had been staying with his mother, but she was growing tired of his behavior and planned to confront Jenkins.

"She said to me that whenever she saw her son that she was going to tell him that it's over because she's tired. He's going in, back and forth, breaking parole and she can't be spending money like that," Dixon said.

Dixon said he's known Hamilton and her family for years and checked on her often. Dixon said he became concerned when he hadn't heard from Hamilton and she stopped answering her phone and her front door. He said he called Hamilton's sister and deputies before he used the key she gave him to go into her home.

“Just as I went in, I saw the body laying on the floor next to the coffee table,” Dixon said. “I wasn’t sure if that was a body because it was such a long obstacle, but then when I approached the body closer, I saw where she was killed.”

Houston police said they found Jenkins Tuesday at a bus stop on Lockwood near I-610 in north Houston. He was taken into custody on an outstanding open parole violation warrant.

Jenkins was questioned about his mother's death and was later charged.

Dixon said Hamilton has another son who lives in California and he's headed to Houston on Tuesday.

Lengthy criminal history

Jenkins has a long list of convictions in his 56 years.

Here's a look at those crimes he's been convicted of:

  • Auto theft - Aug. 31, 1990
  • Aggravated theft - Aug. 31, 1990
  • Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle (includes joy riding) - Aug. 31, 1990
  • Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle - May 16, 1994
  • Criminal trespassing - Sept. 27, 1997

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