Veteran claims moving company damaged property during move to Texas

HUMBLE, Texas – A decorated Marine and war veteran said that he discovered his family's belongings were damaged and ruined during a move to Texas.

We first told you about U.S. Marine Corporal Michael Byrne and his family in June when they received a custom-built, mortgage-free home in Humble.

Byrne told KPRC that he thought the move from Seattle to Texas would be smooth, but he claims that the company he contracted with turned the move into a nightmare.

“We are beyond furious at this point," Byrne said. “Somewhere between there and here that’s where things got destroyed."

Byrne said he discovered the damage when the truck arrived last week. He said that a TV, workout equipment, furniture and pictures that were carefully packed, were broken in the move.

“There are things that are in boxes, that were not packed in those boxes. They went through our stuff, there is no way around it," Byrne said.

He claims that sentimental family pictures and important military memorabilia was also damaged.

Byrne said that he hired Wheaton World Wide Movers to help with the move but said that when he filed a claim he found out that the move was subcontracted out.

KPRC learned that the move was booked through a broker, Charter Van Lines, who contracted to Wheaton World Wide Movers who then contracted to Transit World Movers. A representative with Transit World Movers told KPRC that the driver of the truck disputes that "everything was ruined claim" adding that the driver said that some of the items were damaged mostly as a result of "the items were not packed well."

The representative said that it is procedure to file a claim with CSI investigates, and reparations will be based on the level of insurance coverage the homeowners purchased at the time of the move.

Byrne said that he just wants someone to take responsibility.

“This is by far, the most ridiculous ordeal that we have ever been a part of," he said.

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