Fight to stop new construction project after homeowners concerned about flood risk

HOUSTON – A construction project slapped with a stop work order by the city’s Flood Plain Management Office is the latest chapter in a battle for dry land.

“We’re scared we are going to become the next Meyerland,” said Ashley Stubbs, a resident of Timber Grove Manor. 

Stubbs property is one of just a handful that did not flood during Hurricane Harvey.

However, she is concerned about how she will fare in the future, primarily how water will flow in the neighborhood with the nearby construction of more than 70 town homes.

“Our home came within inches of the new slab from the front porch,” Stubbs said.

Stubbs explained that she’s scared because if the water has nowhere to go it’s going to be kicked back into her neighborhood more than in past storms.

The city says the project was issued a red tag for the construction of a non-compliant culvert, it came days after Mayor Sylvester Turner called for a stop work order. However, crews continued to work.

Residents reported the company to the Harris County Flood District, in turn, they contacted the city and the floodplain management office shut the project down.

The red tag at the projects entryway viewed as a red flag to the bigger issue homeowners like Mark Peng are concerned about,“It’s not going to help our neighborhood. We need more places for the water to flow."

Residents have voiced their opposition to the project through a grassroots site, StopStanleyPark.com.  

The city says the developer has been given 10 days to comply with city code.

"The contractor/developer must get necessary permits and resolve inconsistencies in the submitted plans," a spokesperson said.

As for when work may resume?

Spokesperson Erin Jones said, "The contractor/developer will need to demonstrate that either the current facilities provide the necessary floodplain fill mitigation or update plans to provide the necessary mitigation before they will be allowed to proceed with work."

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