Dozens of car break-ins reported at apartment complex before 4th of July

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating after dozens of cars were burglarized before the Fourth of July.

Jacob Nixon is a resident at the Retreat at Cypress Station, an apartment complex. He said that he came outside to find the passenger side window of his vehicle had been smashed.

“There was glass just everywhere, all over the ground," Nixon said.

Representatives with the Sheriff's Office said that dozens of similar reports were filed in the area.

TrayShawn Harrington said he put a tarp over his broken window until it can be repaired next week.

“It's very frustrating because there are a lot of hardworking people out here just trying to make a living and then somebody goes and ruins your property," Harrington said.

Nixon said the thieves didn’t get away with anything, but his wallet took a hit.

“It was $370 for them to come out and fix it on the Fourth of July and in the rain. All of that added up," he said.

At this point, no arrests have been made.

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