Thieves steal expensive equipment being used to lift Meyerland home

HOUSTON – Ten months after Hurricane Harvey, a Meyerland family has been victimized again. Construction on their flooded home was delayed after crooks stole $25,000 in equipment Monday night.

WATCH: Meyerland equipment stolen surveillance video

Surveillance video from across the street shows two to three men taking off with the stolen property in the bed of a diesel truck. They broke into the fence surrounding the home, and into the home itself, after the real construction crew took off.

Aaron Lewis with Luria Construction said his team was nearly ready to “lift” the Meyerland home. The project is now on hold until new equipment arrives, including three “gas over hydraulic” machines and one “electric over hydraulic” machine.

“Very costly, they’re very rare,” Lewis said. “These aren’t something you can get off the shelf, so whoever took these knew exactly what they were taking.”

Crime Stoppers has offered to pay up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest and charges in the case, as it does in every felony case. All calls to Crime Stoppers (713-222-8477) are anonymous.

“I was pretty upset, you know, I’m angry,” Lewis said. “To us, we work really hard for all our tools and materials, and then at the same time to our homeowners who are just trying to get back into their home.”

It took the thieves only 10 minutes to take off with the equipment, plus one of the homeowner’s TVs. It is difficult to make out any identifying features of those responsible from the surveillance video.

“These homeowners are dealing with so much,” Lewis said, referring generally to Harvey victims. “Whether it’s insurance payments being slow to come out, mortgage companies taking forever, material shortages, you name it. And now [this].”

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