Warthog attacks employee at north Harris County exotic animal park

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A local exotic park employee is telling her tale of her violent encounter with a warthog.

"He was kicking me and bucking me around as if I were a rag doll," Gabrialle Gonzalez said.

Speaking from her hospital bed and still recovering, Gonzalez described the frightening encounter last Friday while at work at TGR Exotics Wildlife Park when she was attacked by a warthog.

"As I was cleaning out their water trough, I didn't hear anything from behind me but the male warthog had opened the gate and came up behind me and hit me from behind," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said in what seemed like several minutes, the warthog with sharp and nearly 6-inch tusks, caused 19 lacerations on her legs and several bruises before she was finally able to get free.

"The biggest fear that I had was that no one could hear me throughout the facility because I was screaming for help," Gonzalez said.

As it turned out, Gonzalez said she was attacked by the same warthog that attacked two other workers nearly a  month and a half ago.

Those workers were also taken to the hospital for their injuries.

"Honestly, I just hope that it becomes safer for the zookeepers and the guests," Gonzalez said.

Gonzales said while safety protocols and measures are in place, she believes the animal enclosures themselves and fencing needs to be safer.

She also said she feels more needs to be done by the owners before it's too late.

"Things need to change severely, before someone gets hurt worse than this," Gonzalez said.

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