Rape victim, lawyer address lawsuit involving Houston Rodeo


HOUSTON – A woman who was raped during a trail ride event five years ago and has filed a lawsuit against the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo addressed the case Tuesday with her attorney.

Brie Ana Williams has sued the Rodeo after the 2012 rape that happened during an event associated with the Los Vaqueros Trail Riders, saying they want organizers to take responsibility for the crime.

Rodeo organizers have said that the event was separate from the Rodeo.

Recently, the Rodeo filed a lawsuit asking a judge to decide what documents can be turned over as evidence during the discovery process of Williams’ lawsuit.

Williams’ attorney called the Rodeo’s lawsuit “vile” and scheduled a 2:15 p.m. news conference to discuss the case. At the conference, Williams' attorney asked why Houston Rodeo officials will not produce records. He said his client now has to relive this event because she is being sued by the rodeo.

Rodeo organizers released the following statement ahead of Tuesday’s news conference:

“The lawsuit involves a sexual assault that occurred in Liberty County at a Los Vaqueros Rio Grande Trail Ride Association social function in December 2012, completely unrelated to any Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo event. 

“The lawyers for Ms. Williams have hired Dolcefino Consulting to seek records from the Rodeo. The Rodeo has already produced its audited financial statements, and is producing its general ledger for the last three years. The Rodeo is seeking permission from the court to decide which records are properly discoverable under the Texas Non-Profit Act. 

“The Rodeo is not targeting Ms. Williams. This is a case that the Rodeo does not belong in and our litigation simply involves the information discovery process.”

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