Man charged after 4-year-old child struck in head with wrench during dispute


A man was charged after his 4-year-old nephew was struck in the head with a wrench June 22 during a dispute with family members, officials said.

Victor Antoine Cezair, 53, was charged with reckless injury to a child.

Cezair appeared to be drunk after a couple of beers when he walked into his sister's home yelling and waving a large wrench around, according to court documents. Cezair's sister told police that her boyfriend got up from the couch and told Cezair to calm down, according to police records.

That's when Cezair struck the boyfriend in the face with a 12-inch-long silver-colored wrench, officials said. Cezair then turned to his sister and attempted to hit her with the wrench, but missed and struck his 4-year-old nephew in the head.

Cezair left the scene.

Officials said the child suffered a large bruise with a large amount of swelling above his left eye area. Officials said the boyfriend had a deep gash in his lip area.

A warrant has been issued for Cezair's arrest.

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