Green pool becomes neighborhood nuisance in Missouri City

MISSOURI CITY, Texas – Concerns over an unkempt swimming pool had a neighbor in need of answers, in a quest to find who is responsible and why the pool has not been cleaned.

"The pool looks like a frog pond. It's just totally green," said Billy Landers, who lives directly behind the home in question, which is located in the 2400 block of Creek Meadows Drive, in the Meadow Creek Subdivision.

Landers told KPRC2 he first noticed the pool while sitting in his backyard around Memorial Day. Since then, Landers said, he's made multiple calls to Missouri City officials.

"I called the city of Missouri City, got no response. I've called them two times since then and they haven't returned my calls," Landers said.

KPRC2 searched property records, which confirm the property is owned by a bank. It's currently listed as being for sale.

Landers said, whoever the owner is, the pool needs to be cleaned. The green color is the result of algae, which, without proper maintenance, continues to grow. Moreover, because of a lack of electricity at the property, the pool's water sits stagnant. Landers said mosquitoes have taken note.

"My biggest concern is West Nile virus and, with a lot of mosquitoes, that's, when you get out of a pool like this, it can be deadly," Landers said.

The mosquitoes, Landers said, have led to an increase in the number of bats in his yard. The bats feed off the mosquitoes.

Landers said that, since noticing the pool, he's also dealt with dead bats on his property.

The bank that owns the property is responsible for cleaning the pool. KPRC2 contacted the realtor who is listing the property, Caryn Beard Properties. The company told KPRC2 it is attempting to resolve the issue, but cannot do so without approval from the bank.

What do you do with a situation like this T?his is the house behind me. Apparently it is being sold by the bank.

Posted by Billy Landers on Monday, July 2, 2018

The home is currently without power, leaving the pool's pumps shuttered. The real estate company said it is working with the bank to get the power turned on and the pool cleaned.

Landers said he hopes there's a resolution soon, for the sake of public safety.

"It concerns me that, now it's in this shape with mosquitoes, it could be a West Nile virus breeding ground," he said.

KPRC2 called the city of Missouri City, but the call was not returned.