WATCH: Harris County Precinct 1 constable accepts lip-sync challenge, features rapper Paul Wall


HOUSTON – A Harris County Precinct 1 constable accepted the lip-sync challenge in style and even asked a Houston rapper to join in the fun.

Constable Alan Rosen starts off lip-syncing "I like it," by Cardi B, in his vehicle.

"This is how we do it in Harris County Precinct 1," Rosen says in the video.

As he's rocking out to the song, the beat changes to "Grillz," by Nelly, featuring rapperPaul Wall. That's when the Paul Wall shows up in the passenger side of the vehicle and raps along with Rosen. 

Since seeing the video, the Harris County Public Health Department has said it will take the challenge only if Paul Wall will help its employees rap about health.

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