Mysterious substance found in mailboxes in Rosenberg

ROSENBERG, Texas – For the second night in a row, Rosenberg police were called out to the Westwood Village Apartments after more residents received an envelope with a suspicious powder inside.

“When she opened the paper a pen opened up and the cap fell off and a white powdery substance kind of like a sparkle fell out landed on her arm and leg, when it did, her skin immediately turned red,” said a resident who asked us to conceal his identity and refer to him as “Bob.”

Bob said his 13-year-old went to pick up the mail Thursday night and when he returned there was a white envelope with a stamp, handwritten address to the apartment complex and no return address.

The paper inside was for an insurance company, but the item that looked like a pen is what had the material inside, according to Bob.

Rosenberg police said hazmat crews and the family were decontaminated and sent to the hospital as a precaution.

“The letter was analyzed, came up negative for any hazardous materials,” explained Lt. Chad Pino with the Rosenberg Police Department.

The police were called back to the apartment Friday night after receiving another call.

“Another resident was coming from the mailbox, same resident from last night saw that she had the matching envelope of what he opened the night before,” explained Pino. “He said, ‘Drop it on the ground right now, there was something in mine last night,’ and so they called us back out again.”

Police tested the envelope, but again, nothing showed up positive.

“As far as we know the substance, according to a resident, is it fell out of the envelope, it dissipated immediately and that’s not really consistent with any type of dangerous chemical,” said Pino. “We can’t say what it is, if it is anything at this point, it’s obviously nothing hazardous or toxic. We’re still trying to figure that out, what we have discovered, we believe it’s coming from an advertising agency, something like that or a direct mail company. We’re quite sure there’s more at more mail boxes, the one we tested come back with nothing in it.”

Pino said they have contacted the postmaster.

Rosenberg police said if someone does not feel comfortable and receives a similar envelope to call police.

“If you don’t feel comfortable or safe, if you think something is wrong, let us know, give us a call and we’ll come out,” said Pino.