Katy family makes plea to find driver who struck boy in hit-and-run last week

KATY, Texas – A Katy family is making a plea for justice after a hit-and-run left a 5-year-old child with serious injuries.

That boy and his family are speaking about the moment that could have been fatal.

It's been one week since the hit-and-run and the driver still has not come forward.

The family is just hoping someone has answers.

The driver was in a gray truck when he or she hit the child on Amelia Plantation Drive last Friday night around 10 p.m.

They were some scary moments for 5-year-old Lance Hughey.

"'Cause I got ran over," Lance said. "I have plates in my leg."

Lance was playing in a Nerf war when his grandmother called him inside. He was crossing the street when he was struck.

"This truck came full speed and hit and ran over Lance and Lance is screaming, 'My leg!' And then that's when it kind of stopped then zoomed down the street," Journee Worlds, Lance's cousin, said.

"It broke his bone all the way through and he has a cracked pelvis. He has plates and screws in his leg right now," Lance's grandmother, Sonja Levias, said.

Harris County deputies are looking for the driver of the truck, but meanwhile, Lance has a long road to recovery in front of him.

"If anybody knows anything, please come forward. I mean, this baby is 5 years old. He didn't ask to get run over," Levias said.