Babysitter accused of stealing thousands in jewelry, gaming items from Cypress family's home

HOUSTON – Police arrested a Katy teenager they said stole thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry and other items from a Cypress family she was babysitting.

The Murley family hired 19-year-old Tiffany Monique Wright in March a few weeks after Amber Hurley gave birth to twin girls.

“I had used Care.com before, and no problems, so I used the same thing,” Amber Hurley said. “She had great references … everybody said she was on time, that their kids loved her.”

For four months, Wright watched the Murley twins and Amber Murley’s two other girls every morning while Amber worked in the house, among other things.

On Friday, June 8, Murley left Wright alone with the kids for several hours for the first time. The next day, Wright was going to join the family on a weekend trip to Twin Lakes in Manvel, Texas.

But that Saturday morning, the family noticed they were missing jewelry, purses, wallets, watches, shoes, the kids Playstation and a dozen games, among other items.

“I gave her so many opportunities,” Amber Murley said. “I was, like, 'Just bring my stuff back, I won’t press charges.'”

But Wright didn’t respond to calls or texts, so officers arrested her on theft charges. And it turns out, Wright was also arrested in June 2017 on theft charges, accused of stealing shirts, a hat, pants and shorts from a man.

Care.com removed Wright from its website, and thanked Murley for informing the company about the theft charges.

“We have taken steps to help ensure that the caregiver in question can no longer participate in our online community,” a care.com letter addressed to Murley said. “And we have notified all members who may have communicated with her through our messaging system.”

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