Only in Houston: Man hangs out of car window for 'rolling shot' car picture

HOUSTON – You don’t have to drive in the Houston area for very long before you realize that you can see just about anything on our roads.  

So, when one woman spotted someone hanging out of a car window on 288, taking a photo, she snapped a picture, posted it online and said she knew she should pray.  

"I automatically started to pray for him because (of) safety,” said Carl Kidd reading the post about himself out loud. He admitted he is the photographer in the picture, "that's pretty close to the ground."

Kidd, 18, has been taking car photos for more than a year.  He says he was trying to get a low angle shot of his friend’s car when he was spotted hanging out the car window.  

"A low shot from the side -- that's what most of my friends that are like, 'hey, can we do rolling shots?'  It's either like me looking into the lens going from the side or if I'm hanging out, I'm going for the front," he said.

As dangerous as it looked, Kidd said he is always safe and tucks his feet up inside the car to keep himself from falling out. "I make sure I'm always strapped down with the seat belt or I have my friend in the back seat or the driver holding on to my legs to whenever I hang out I make sure I'm strapped in," he said.

A police officer who saw the photo told KPRC 2 that if someone is in a moving car, you must be properly wearing a seat belt. KPRC asked him if he considered hanging out of a car window is to be safe.

“Sometimes. I make sure if it's not safe, I just be safe with what I'm doing," he said.