'Light of Love:' Prayer vigil supports reunification of families held at Dominion Park

HOUSTON – Community members gathered at Dominion Park for the "Light of Love" prayer vigil.

Bishop James Dixon said he organized the event for the 2,000 children separated from their parents at the border.

“We can’t be at ease while others are in severe pain," Dixon said, “Our message is one family, one future. If a portion of the family is suffering, then all of us are suffering."

Many said they showed up to pray and hold a light for the children who are weighing on their hearts.

“We should show compassion to one another," said attendee Faye Rusk. 

Earlier in the week, President Donald Trump reversed his administration policy for separating children from their parents after they crossed the border illegally.

Those who gathered said they want the children reunited, but also hope for greater change. 

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