KFC releases pickle-flavored chicken


HOUSTON – KFC has pickle flavored chicken at its restaurants for a limited time, starting Monday.

"People are crazy about pickles, and pickle-flavored products are becoming today's trendiest menu item," said Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. Chief Marketing Officer in a press release.

Zahumensky said that, since KFC released its extra crispy chicken, guests have been clamoring for more pickles. She also said that, because pickles pair so well with chicken, the two are a match made in heaven.

The new flavored chicken is made by combining the seasoned and breaded fried chicken with a pickle sauce made of a combination of dill and vinegar flavors. 

The chicken will be available as a Crispy Colonel Sandwich, Extra Crispy Tenders and Chicken Littles at participating restaurants.

Because the products will only be available for a very limited time, each restaurant will only be given enough pickle sauce to last a few weeks, and after it's gone, we will just have to "dill" with it. 

As for chicken lovers, now it is up to you to decide: dill or no dill. Have you tried the pickle-flavored chicken yet? What did you think of it?