Home burglarized, irreplaceable memories stolen

PORTER, Texas – What a Porter area family lost during a home burglary cannot be quantified.

To the thieves, it's a collection of jewelry and electronics, but to the family, it's a collection of irreplaceable memories of a life taken too soon.

Charlotte Brewer and her daughter, Robyn, returned home from a mother and daughter trip to Austin to find the door of their home smashed.

"The deadbolt held, so they actually beat the door in half," Charlotte said.

The pair quickly saw how thieves raced through the house grabbing electronics and jewelry. However, it was the theft of a small 500 gigabyte, white Seagate hard drive that is the devastating loss. The drive was kept in a nightstand in Robyn’s room.

"It really, really knocked me for a loop," Robyn said.

The drive served as a vault that safeguarded every smile, laugh, and precious moment in the life of Robyn Brewer’s son, Landen.

"I can't replace those. Those pictures, videos are from when he was born in 2011 to when he passed away. So, like that's his whole life," Robyn said.

At 4 years old, Landen lost his battle with Leukemia. The pictures and videos on the hard drive are a tangible connection to a little boy nicknamed, 'Bug.'

"Knowing that might be gone forever, that's almost like losing him all over again," Robyn said.

The secluded nature of the home made it easy for the thieves to work unseen, but neither sheriff's deputies nor the family believes the home was specifically targeted. Charlotte said the family lived in the house for almost nine years with no trouble. She believes this was an act by thieves prowling for an easy hit, who wound up stealing far more than household items.

"We don't care if they'll just send the hard drive back so we'll have those memories back. That's what's important. That's what we care about," Charlotte said.

If you know anything about the crime, you are asked to call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-STOP (7867).