'He fought to the end': HPD Officer Norberto Ramon remembered during funeral in Channelview

CHANNELVIEW, Texas – The Houston police and other members of law enforcement filled a church Monday to remember one of their own.

Officer Norberto "Bert" Ramon lost his battle with colon cancer on June 15 at the age 56.

His funeral service was held Monday morning at River Pointe Church in Channelview. 

Ramon didn't let his cancer stop him from being a hero to so many others.

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Ramon was a 25-year veteran of the Houston Police Department. Even as he battled stage four cancer, he continued to work on the force and became known for his bravery during Hurricane Harvey.

He rescued numerous flood victims during the storm and received several awards for his dedication to service.

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During his funeral, some speakers lovingly referred to him as "bro." They recalled how Ramon loved to fish and how he displayed so much strength while battling the colon cancer. Colleagues said he never used his illness as an excuse and he looked forward to working as long as he could.

"He fought to the end. I was with him to the end. He gave a good fight and not during any time his fight with cancer did you see him with a negative attitude or wanted to be treated any differently. He wanted to get his message across. His message was just because you have cancer or a terminal disease doesn't mean you have to stop living. Not to give up and never give up," said HPD Sgt. Epi Garza.

Following Ramon's funeral, a Hall of Fame Ceremony was held outside the church.