Matt Bragga introduced as head coach of Rice University baseball team


HOUSTON – It doesn't take much to get new Rice head baseball coach Matt Bragga fired up.

He’s been described as an intense, energetic coach who loves the game.

WATCH: Adam Wexler interviews Rice University baseball coach Matt Bragga

He was introduced Thursday as the first new man in charge since Wayne Graham was hired in 1992.

Rice Director of Athletics Joe Karlgaard conducted a lengthy search for Graham’s successor and decided on Bragga after the two met during the NCAA tournament a couple weeks ago.

WATCH: Adam Wexler interviews Rice Director of Athletics Joe Karlgaard after Bragga introduction

"He has an infectious enthusiasm that makes people want to gravitate to him and I think that’s ideal for the job we have here,” Karlgaard said.

Bragga knows he has big shoes to fill and has already had a chance to speak with coach Graham, whose contract was not renewed after this past season.

Bragga said their conversation was awesome and it was great to finally meet Graham face-to-face. He also said Graham took the time early this week to show Bragga and his family the baseball facilities on campus.

“He showed us every nook and cranny of these facilities and it was really great of him to do that,” Bragga said of Graham.

After 15 seasons at Tennessee Tech, Bragga will now try to get the Owls back to where Graham once had them.

The Owls won the national title in 2003 and had a 23-year streak of reaching the postseason snapped last season.