Boy shocked after stepping on electrical box near Fort Bend County lake

RICHMOND, Texas – A 7-year-old boy was hospitalized Tuesday after being shocked when stepped on an electrical box as he played near a lake in Fort Bend County.

The incident happened at 9:50 a.m. at the Lakes of Bella Terra along Via Venezia Boulevard and South Lugano Verde Drive, officials said.

Fort Bend County deputies said a group of parents was exercising around the lake as their children played nearby when one of the boys stepped onto an electrical box.

"When the boy stepped on that manhole cover, he received a bunch of electricity," Sheriff Troy Nehls said.

The group of adults jumped into action, including the boy's father.

Fort Bend County deputies said someone at the scene administered CPR until Life Flight arrived to take the boy to the hospital.

"They tried to get him off the box and the father was the one who was able to pull him off of that box. They were doing CPR on the boy when units arrived," Nehls said.

Life Flight flew the boy to Memorial Hermann hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

"He is now breathing on his own, but is still in very serious condition," Nehls said.

The sheriff said the electrical box supplied power to several fountains in ponds around the subdivision.

"We're gonna have an electrician come out here and give us a better idea how this occurred why it occurred and make sure we take some preventable actions to make sure it doesn't happen again," Nehls said.

A report detailing the extent of the boy’s injuries was not immediately released.

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