Mother searches for stranger who helped save her son's life

HOUSTON – Bo is just like any other kid.

The 4-year-old is always smiling and happy, and he loves to swim.

"He likes to run, he likes to play. You know he's an active kid," his mother, Sasha Marshall, said.

But it's his love for water, Marshal said, that nearly cost him his life Sunday while at a pool party.

In the time it took for partygoers to sing 'Happy Birthday,' Bo had somehow jumped into the pool without his floaties.

"I don't really remember too much after that. I remember a splash and I remember it being cold. I remember coming up to the surface with my baby over my head. And someone snatched him from me," Marshall said.

After Marshall jumped in and pulled Bo out of the water, a good Samaritan started doing chest compressions.

Fortunately, within seconds, Bo spit up the water and was breathing again.

"There aren't enough words in the English language to tell this man 'thank you' for saving my son's life," Marshall said.

But as the family was rushed away by ambulance, she never had the chance to meet that man or to say thank you.

So now, the grateful mother is doing a few things to turn a traumatic situation into a positive one.

"I want to make parents aware of the dangers and make them aware of water safety and get my son some swimming lessons," Marshall said.

All the while, she's also trying to find the guy who ultimately saved her son's life.

"Superheroes don't always wear capes. This man came out of nowhere and he was Johnny on the spot and even calmed me down," Marshall said.

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