Mom met with 'Welcome Back from Prison' gag sign at airport


FORT SMITH, Ark. – An Arkansas husband made more than a few people laugh when he showed up at the airport to bring his wife home with a gag sign for his son to hold that read, “Welcome home from prison, Mom.”

Brandon Nielsen’s photo of his 4-year-old son holding the sign has gone viral with more than 100,000 likes. 

Nielsen told KFSM he made the sign right before he left work.

Barbara Nielsen, home from a business trip, saw her son, Daimen, holding the sign when she arrived in Fort Smith. 

Brandon Nielsen said he didn’t tell his son about the sign or what it said. 

"I saw a lot of laughter,” Barbara Nielsen said. “Except for me who's rolling my eyes. Was not expecting that at all." 

For the record, Brandon Nielsen said his wife has never been to prison.

Brandon Nielsen’s sign-making days may not be over. He says his Barbara is going on another work trip soon, but he's not sure yet what he'll have in store for when she comes back.