Cow decoration causes stir with Katy HOA

KATY, Texas – Dolly, a decorative cow in Katy, typically makes an appearance in the Rose family's yard every holiday as a way to celebrate.

With Thursday being Flag Day, Dolly is getting into the spirit.

"To me it's art. This is art. I mean we get to decorate her and things like that. And you know they always say beauty is in the eye of the beholder," Amanda Rose, who puts Dolly out in her yard for the holidays, said.

But as of late, Amanda Rose said it seems at least one neighbor has taken exception to her happy heifer and informed the subdivision's Home Owner's Association.

Rose said they banished the bovine, telling her it had to come down.

"(They said) that it wasn't a standard holiday decoration and that it was intrusive and not appreciated by others and it needed to be removed," Rose said.

With discussions ongoing about the matter, Rose said for now Dolly will be staying put and likely making another appearance for the Fourth of July.

"That's just what it's all about. We're just about having fun and being lighthearted and celebrating the holidays," Rose said.

The subdivision released the following statement:

"Falls at Green Meadows is a deed-restricted community which requires the ongoing commitment of each resident to adhere to the covenants. While holiday lawn decorations are allowed, admittedly bulls are not considered a decorative item associated with U.S. national holidays. An official notice providing friendly request to remove the statue was issued. No fine was involved. As the governing body for the community, the Board is open to discussing this issue with the owner in more detail prior to the requested removal deadline. Subsequently, the Board will be reviewing the governing documents to clarify the guidelines for holiday, home and lawn decorations in the community."

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