2 horses dead, others injured after fire at property near Pearland


HOUSTON – A fire caused damage Wednesday to a house and a large barn at a property in southeast Houston.

Several horses were also injured in the fire. Some suffered burns and others suffered from smoke inhalation.

One horse was not able to make it out of the barn and died at the scene. Another horse was put down due to its injuries.

WATCH: SKY2 video of house fire near Pearland

Smoke could be seen coming from a metal barn and a nearby house. The barn was next to a field that was fenced in with horses. The property is near the intersection of Wenlock Drive and Foxton Road, near Pearland.

Fire officials said the fire started around 2:30 p.m.

It is not clear how the fire started or if anyone was injured, but arson detectives are investigating the cause of the fire.