Gas mask, guns and multiple rounds of ammunition found in home after SWAT incident, police say


HOUSTON – A gas mask, multiple rounds of ammunition and guns were all found inside a residence in west Houston after a SWAT involved incident ended Sunday morning, Houston police Capt. Larry Baimbridge said. 

Investigators were called to an apartment complex just before midnight Saturday in the area of Fountain View and Inwood Drives after a man was reportedly firing gunshots in the building's courtyard.

When police arrived on scene, they attempted to talk to a resident who began yelling and cursing at them. While at the door, officials said they heard a gunshot from inside the residence and initially believed the man had shot himself. 

When police attempted to knock the door down, the man became more upset and cocked his semi-automatic pistol, prompting police to call for SWAT backup, Baimbridge said. 

SWAT officials worked to get a search warrant for the residence, which took several hours, Baimbridge said. Once the warrant was signed, investigators used tear gas in the residence, but it was ineffective, they said. 

The suspect had placed several items in front of his front door, barricading himself inside. Once police were able to remove the barricade, the man yelled out that he was ready to surrender. He had three pistols inside his residence, multiple rounds of ammunition, a gas mask -- which rendered the tear gas ineffective -- as well as lots of water. 

"He was ready for a lengthy standoff," Baimbridge said. "The man is a convicted felon, yet he still had three pistols."

The man in this case will face multiple charges.