CCISD secretary shows off rap skills in Vanilla Ice parody


HOUSTON – Thursday was the last day of school for Clear Creek Independent School District and one elementary school secretary was so excited she had a write a song about it.

Donning a way-too-cool pair of shades, Melissa Phan gets her cabbage patch on -- that's an '80s dance for those who are too young to remember -- in a Vanilla Ice-inspired parody video  to the tune of “Ice, Ice Baby.”

“Teachers you know what time it is. Representing P.H. Greene Elementary and school is officially out. Out, out, baby,” she raps. “All right stop collaborate and listen, school is out. Go start your ignition."

With the original video playing as her backdrop, Phan raps about being kid-free and staying up late. She said she got the idea to make her first parody from another lady who created a video. 

“(I) decided to make my own lyrics and do one, too,” she said.

Phan said the staff at P.H. Greene plan to watch the video during an afternoon meeting.

“We will have our last staff meeting today once the kids leave, and we will play it on the projector,” she said. “I really wanted my staff to see it, wanted everybody to laugh.”

When asked how she thought the students would respond to her hip-hop debut, she said, “They would get so crazy and hyped up. They would love it!”

Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of the end of the year, the students won't get a chance to see it before the summer pause.

“Basically, once all these kids leave, we are out. We are getting ready for summer and reboot for next year,” Phan said.

We have a feeling the students will be sharing the video with friends on social media.

Phan said she chose the Vanilla Ice classic because "that was one of my favorite songs growing up.”

It's one of ours too, and we'll be cabbage patching and doing the running man to Phan's remix until school is back in session.