Seniors out hundreds of dollars after sexy calendar substituted for canned fish

HOUSTON – A group of women want to know what happened to the calendars they shipped for a fundraiser after they were replaced with cans of fish and a candle.

The Daughters of the British Empire in Texas recently had their 70th birthday and wanted to celebrate with a bang, so they dressed down in their birthday suits for a British-themed sexy senior calendar.

“We're proud of our bodies, even though we're old, we're proud of our bodies,” explained Pat Macdonald, former president of the DBE.

The women, who are older than 60, have raised $10,000 in the past two months for the Women’s Shelter and Mountbatten House, an assisted living home.

They were looking to raise $1,600 more, so MacDonald shipped the calendars to a conference in Seattle, but when she got the box, it was beat up.

“When I opened it, I found 20 cans of Wahoo,” a kind of fish, MacDonald explained.

They are working with the post office to figure out how that happened.

“It’s the original box I mailed, someone had actually taken the calendar out and substituted these,” explained MacDonald. “If you really wanted to take the calendar, why bother to fill the box up with Wahoo?”

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