Q&A: What happened when Santa Fe High School students returned to school after mass shooting

SANTA FE, Texas – Students in Santa Fe returned to school Tuesday for the first time since a shooting at the high school that killed 10 people and injured 13 others.

There was extremely tight security this morning as kids headed back to Santa Fe High School.

Who greeted the students?

The sidewalks were lined with people from the community and people from school districts as far away as Kingwood. People held signs and shouted out greetings to the students.

Part of the warm welcome for Santa Fe High School students came from other students from a neighboring district. As many as 100 students from Alvin and their parents lined the streets near Santa Fe High School to show their support.

People said making the children feel safe is the most important thing to do right now.

"They are allowing one family member, parent or grandparent, someone to walk in with them. They are united together, they are back together. I think it's part of the grieving process, they are in my heart, Santa Fe strong, it makes me tear up," Atchison said.

What was security like?

Students started arriving around 8 a.m. At one point, there was a line in front of the building waiting to get in. Students got in more than two hours later.

School officials said students went in, one by one, their IDs were checked, and then officers checked them again with metal detecting wands.

"I was walking over by the memorial there and police officers were asking everyone for IDs," said supporter Elizabeth Atchison.

What happened during the day?

Students attended an assembly.  

Texas Gov. Abbott made a special visit to Santa Fe High to speak to the students and to honor first responders.

A slideshow presentation was played to honor the victims who lost their lives in the tragedy.

“They showed a three-minute slideshow of all the victims and that was really emotional,” said Verity Latham, a student at Santa Fe High School. “Everyone just kind of broke down and it was really hard seeing that inside the school where it happened.”