Local flower shop to donate arrangements for Santa Fe graduation

SANTA, FE, Texas – A local floral shop is planning to donate floral arrangements and special bouquets for the Santa Fe High School graduation.

Theresa Sobnoksy said that for 17 years her floral shop, DW Floral and Gifts, has given her a sense of joy, but that all changed two weeks ago.

"Because of the shooting it has just affected everyone, their hearts and their minds," Sobnosky said.

Since then, she said that she has been providing floral bouquets for the funerals and memorials around town. She said it's hard to express the grief.

"We cry a lot right now," she said.

On Wednesday, Gov. Greg Abbott announced 40 recommendations to try to stop school shootings, including increasing the visible presence of law enforcement officers and more armed school marshal training.

Sobnoksy said she believes legislation is a good step, but she is taking her own approach.

She said that she's planning to donate arrangements and bouquets to the Santa Fe High School graduation ceremony. She said she will donate whatever is needed in addition to 10 white bouquets to honor the victims.

She said the donation is the best way she knows to channel her grief and show support for a community that she loves.

“The flowers show that we love you, that’s all we can say," she said.

Additional security will be present for the commencement ceremony at 7:30 p.m. on Friday.

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