HISD graduates encourage elementary students to stay in school, work hard

High school seniors visited an elementary school in southwest Houston in hopes of inspiring children to stay in school and work hard.

Wearing their blue caps and gowns, and with "Pomp and Circumstance" playing, dozens of Madison High School seniors walked through the halls of Grissom Elementary Wednesday morning.

“It’s pretty exciting and amazing to see someone graduating already,” said Grissom Elementary student Kayla Amaya.

Young students on either side of the hallways cheered them on, looking up to them in more ways than one.

“I grew up in a school similar to this, in a neighborhood similar to this, so for them to be able to go down the right path, because I know in a neighborhood like this it’s kinda hard, so for us to come here, I think it’s, you know, just to give them a little inspiration,” said Madison High School senior Eugena Fontenot.

Fontenot was planning to attend Texas A&M University to be a marine biologist.
She, along with the other Madison High School students, graduate Saturday.