Police chase ends in crash near Texas Medical Center

HOUSTON – A police chase Tuesday ended with a crash near the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

The crash was reported about 9:35 a.m. at the intersection of Old Spanish Trail and Almeda Road.

Houston police said the driver refused to exit the vehicle after the crash. The driver, who ran from police, is accused of stealing the vehicle from a home three miles away, officials said.

Video from Sky2 showed officers surrounding the vehicle before they are seen putting the driver on the ground and into handcuffs. Officers were then seen having to carry the man to a police vehicle.

Roosevelt Stephenson said that his peaceful morning on his porch was shattered by a man with a brick.

“I looked up and he was in the back of me with a brick and said he would kill me," Stephenson said.

He said that the man smashed the glass of his front door and stole the keys to his Nissan. 

“He jumped in my car and the police officer was nearby and they started on the chase," Stephenson said.

Michael Keo told KPRC that he was waiting at the light when his car was sideswiped by the stolen Nissan.

“The car was spinning, did a 360 and smacked my front end," Keo said.

The suspect struck another vehicle and then crashed into the intersection.

Both the suspect and a Houston police officer were treated for injuries at the scene.

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