Alligator finds new home in Missouri mobile home


BELTON, Mo. – A man is taking care of an alligator that crawled out of a lake near his mobile home in Missouri.

Reptile lover and Florida native Jake Wilson, 25, took the emaciated alligator in after a maintenance worker spotted the animal.

"They told me that I had to come down and look at him immediately because they knew that I was going to want to catch him and I was going to want to see him," Wilson said. 

Wilson has named the gator “Rocky.” Wilson is fattening him up on a diet of pizza and chicken.

Wilson suspects the gator was someone's pet having been ditched once he got too big. Wilson says he's called zoos and conservation officials none of whom will help.

Local ordinances seem clear. Local laws restrict people from owning dangerous animals or ones that would normally be kept in a zoo.

Wilson says Rocky's future is on a farm. He told WDAF he’s planning to take the small alligator to a reptile facility in Georgia.

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