No charges for teacher accused of drowning raccoons


MARION COUNTY, Fla. – Prosecutors say they saw video showing a Forest High School agriculture teacher drowning two raccoons and a possum with some of his students in Marion County.

The video went viral, and the teacher ended up taking early retirement instead of possible termination.

A legal analyst for station WKMG, Steven Kramer, suspected criminal charges could be a possibility.

"This would appear to be something that would fit cruelty to animals, and that is causing and animal to experience a cruel death," Kramer said.

However, according to state attorney Brad King's decision, there were missing pieces. He said the cell phone video barely shows the teacher taking part.

King said in order to use that video, students would have to authenticate it, and so far, he says many parents didn't want their children involved.

“The teacher did not intend to torture or torment these nuisance animals; he was simply attempting to protect his class's school project in an appropriate manner," King said.