Balloons released in Alvin for Santa Fe shooting victims

ALVIN, Texas – It was a special night on the Alvin High School football field Friday for a lot of reasons.

WATCH: Balloons released for Santa Fe High School shooting victims

The high school seniors were celebrating their last day of school, and also on this night they came together to remember 17-year-old Ashley Hicks.

Tayler Bingham, a friend of Ashley said, "It being the last day of school and her not being here it's just in remembrance of her. We thought that it was important that we did this for her."

The Alvin High School senior was killed during a car accident back in March, a small memorial now lines the highway where her life was tragically cut short.

Allison Hicks, Ashely's sister explained, "My heart is overjoyed with all the seniors who put this together and who are still including my sister in everything."

But also on the field this day, students from Santa Fe High School were invited to remember their own loss.

The community only a few miles down the road is still grieving for the 10 people killed and 13 others injured. These included students and teachers after a shooting at the high school.

"It's heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking. Nobody should have to go through this," said Skye Smith, a Santa Fe HS student.

Rather than a rivalry under the Friday night lights of a football field, instead this night was about two neighboring schools in different districts coming together for one purpose.

"You know we all lost people and communities (are) taking it really hard and it's just nice to be out with others support," Smith said.

"It's just nice for us to come together as one big community and be here for each other," said Ashley's friend, Hannah Kincaide.

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