Man accused of sexually assaulting two young boys

GALVESTON, Texas – A Galveston man is accused of sexually abusing two young boys. The allegations led to a heated confrontation on a national television show. 

Jerami Gamble, 30, is accused of having sex and engaging in sexual acts with two brothers ages 6 to 8.

"Our warrant division has been working to locate Mr. Gamble for a while. They were finally able to pin him down to a residence through a lot of old fashion police work," said Capt. Joshua Schirard, with the Galveston Police Department.

Court records show Gamble was in a relationship with the two boys' mother. The documents state the kids told their mom what happened while Gamble was behind bars on a separate issue. 

Schirard said they were contacted last fall after the mother brought the boys to the University of Texas Medical Branch.

"What we do know is that there were multiple occasions that lasted over a time span of several months," Schirard said. 

The court documents state the kids told a Child Advocacy Center forensic interviewer that Gamble had sex with them, engaged in other sexual acts and gave them cigarettes.  

Those allegations all unfolded between the mother and alleged abuser on a TV show called 'The Steve Wilkos Show.' Gamble denied the claims, but the show got heated when the announcer stated Gamble did not pass the lie detector test. 

The show aired last week, but Galveston police said they have been aware of the case since last fall. 

"We try to not let what was said on a television show in a forum like that sway the investigation one way or the other. We focus on the facts and the evidence and present that to the Galveston County District Attorney's Office," Schirard said.

Gamble remains behind bars on $40,000 bond and is awaiting trial.